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The Pays de Gâtine's guide for English Speakers
en version anglaise en version française
Welcome to the Gâtine / Bienvenue en Gâtine
Where and what is the Pays de Gâtine / Situation du Pays de Gâtine et son rôle
A brief history of the area / Histoire de la Gâtine
Practical information / Informations pratiques
Associations / Les associations anglophones
French Social Assistants / Antenne Médico Sociale des Deux-Sèvres
Births, Deaths and Marriages / Naissances, Décès et Mariages
Public Libraries in the Gâtine / Les Bibliothèques en Gâtine
Building or renovating a house / Construire une maison ou faire des travaux
Employment / La recherche d'emploi
Elections / Les élections
Learning French or English / Apprendre le français ou l'anglais
Measurement / Mesures
Re-registring your car in France / Immatriculation de votre véhicule
School / Enseignement
Services for 60+ / Les Services pour les plus de 60 ans
Setting up a business / Création d'entreprises
Setting up Tourist Accommodation / Création d'hébergements touristiques
Social security and health care / Sécurité sociale et services de santé
Sworn translators / Traducteurs assermentés
Security / Sécurité
Taxes / Impôts
Useful Addresses / Adresses utiles
Dialling 112 in Case of Emergency / Appel d'urgence : 112
Taking Out French Nationality / Obtenir la nationalité française

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For more information, please contact :

Mme Julia SALVAT
Accueil des populations nord-européennes
Tel : / Fax :
Pays de Gâtine, 46 bd Edgar Quinet
BP 90505 – 79 208 Parthenay cedex


-- Information update --

Voting at the Municipal and European Elections
Citizens of the European Union living in France can vote at their local council elections on 23rd and 30th March 2014 and at the European elections on 25th May 2014.

However in order to vote you must put your name down on the specific electoral lists at your town hall and you must fill in the appropriate forms before 31st December 2013. An important point to take into account also is that if you put your name down on your local European electoral list to vote here in France you cannot then vote at this election in another country.

Certain rules and conditions apply as for French voters :
- You must be 18 years old
- You must be a European Citizen
- You must have been living on a permanent basis in your commune for the past six months
- You must not have had your right of vote taken away from you either in France or in your birth country

Take with you your passport and proof of your address (a recent electricity, gas or telephone bill etc).

Further information can be obtained at your town hall or at the Préfecture who will also answer any questions you may have or you can look at their website : www.service-public.fr (elections-politiques)

You might even be asked to be a councillor but, without taking out French nationality, you could never become mayor or assistant mayor of a French commune!

Dialling 112 in Case of Emergency
Keep calm and speak clearly ! These are the few essential steps to follow when dialling 112. After giving the basic information about the incident (fire, gas leak/explosion, drowning, flooding, sudden illness, accident...) you will be transferred to a translation service and being prepared can save precious time.

Download this leaflet here, it could save a life !

Radio Gâtine - the local French radio in Parthenay. Grants.
Radio Gâtine and the Pays de Gâtine have been working together to inform the public on the role of the Pays and what grants are available when you have a project, these could cover :
tourism, cultural activites, setting up a company, or just knowing what I do here in the office to help you integrate into local life.
The French texts have been translated into English and recorded. If you scroll down and click on the logo of the Pays de Gâtine, you will see the 'Version anglaise' (Some are not yet on line but will be shortly). In the general interest of the English speaking population in the Gâtine, I would kindly ask you to pass this information on to as many people as possible.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Robert Pearson for his very professional help when recording.
Best Regards, Julia

Radio Gâtine - the local French radio in Parthenay